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Can I work with my existing expert network partners through your platform?

Yes, the Consverge platform enables our customers to integrate and work with any expert network within our platform.

What type of experts can Consverge's partners put me in touch with?

Consverge connects customers to a wide range of experts, from business leaders with specific industry and/or regional knowledge to subject matter experts in any sector (e.g., medical, mining, engineering, and so on). Our global team of partner expert networks enables us to tap into any market and identify the most relevant expert for consultation.

How can I submit a project requirement?

Customers can submit projects directly through our platform, or send an email to their dedicated project manager.

Do I have to commit to using a certain number of consultations?

Consverge does not require any usage commitments and access to our platform is free. Customer pay only for what they use.

Do I have to sign separate agreements with your expert networks partners?

Customers only need to sign an agreement with Consverge.

Expert Network Partners

Who are Consverge Customers?

Consverge works globally with private equity, investment mangers, hedge funds, investment banks and management consultants.

How do you ensure compliance with your partners?

Expert network partners are required to undergo rigorous compliance checks and training as part of our contractual agreements and onboarding procedures. Before recommending an expert, our partners are asked to ensure that the expert meets our – and the customer’s – compliance requirements. Finally our project manages add a second level compliance checks before every expert is submited to a customer.

Are all of your expert network partners invited to every project?

We only invite the most relevant expert networks based on their geographical location, coverage and capabilities.

Consverge Model

What support is provided during and after the project?

‘Project managers are allocated to each brief to work with customers on their detailed requirments and make sure the best Expert Networks are assigned. Customers may work directly with the project manager throughout the consultation process or alternatively communicate through our cutting edge platform to save time.

How does Consverge ensure the quality of experts?

Consverge partners with expert networks that specialize by location and/or industry in addition to generalist networks. We evaluate each project brief and engage the most relevant expert networks. Finally, we independetly pre-screen and rank all experts to assist customers with quality control.

How does Consverge source Experts?

Consverge sources all experts through our global network of expert network partners.


What is your pricing structure?

Price transparency is a key feature of Consverge’s service. Consultations are billed by the hour on a pay as you go basis and include a free transcription service. Avoid being tied into large packages and easily track costs by brief or even individual consultation.

How is Consverge different from other Expert Networks?

We are a full service platform that seamlessly connects customers with multiple expert networks in one place. Customers get access to the enhanced breadth and quality of using multiple expert networks, but via a single point of contact.

How does your platform and technology support compliance?

Comprehensive compliance monitoring tools are built into the platform and are fully customisable to each clients compliance requirements.

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