Our platform, Your Solution

Our unique research platform, driven by technology & compliance, aggregates access to global expert networks on one unified platform

Research platform built on innovation, technology & compliance


Our built-in secure chat lets you arrange quick follow-ups or collaborate seamlessly on your project

Calendar Integration

Get your project organised with our integrated scheduler and calendar integration



Our smart reminder and notification tool helps you keep track of your project deadlines


Record your consultations and get your calls transcribed and added to your library at no additional cost 


Structure your project teams or share insight content internally within the security of our platform 

Expert Ranking

Our high compliance and quality standards ensure we remove duplications and present relevant and shortlisted experts

Security and compliance

Consverge adheres to the highest levels of security and compliance

Highest compliance standards are built within the heart of our platform architectures. We are regularly stress-tested by third-party firms to maintain high security standards

Improved Reporting

Manage and analyse your research spend. 

Get real-time access to your spending, consultation data, project transcripts with the scale to analyse, share, and facilitate your organization’s knowledge pool, while ensuring data integrity, continuity, and security

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